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Capoeira Mandinga presents event at Kalamazoo Public Library Nov. 11

Date(s) - Saturday, November 11, 2017
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Kalamazoo Public Library

Capoeira Mandinga

Capoeira Mandinga Allendale

Brazilian martial art/dance/spiritual discipline

Presented in collaboration with the Kalamazoo Public Library

Capoeira is a unique method of understanding movement, music, and culture. In the 16th century Capoeira gave escaped slaves in Brazil both physical and spiritual means of liberation. Physical liberation through the complex kicks and martial movements, and spiritual liberation through the preservation of African rituals and music. Capoeira has become accepted across the globe as an excellent physical art known for it’s beauty and creativeness as well as being recognized for it’s cultural traditions. Today, Capoeira still maintains it’s martial aspects, but it is typically treated as a game played between two people with no winners or  losers. Capoeira is now considered an intangible cultural heritage of Brazil and was granted that special status by UNESCO in 2014. While seemingly complex, Capoeira is designed for people of all backgrounds to be able to benefit from its practice. One of the most famous sayings in Capoeira (translated from Portuguese) is “Capoeira is for men, women and children. The only ones who cannot learn it are the ones who don’t want to.”


Our presenters today, from Capoeira Mandinga Allendale (MI) include Thomas ‘Santo’ Braganca — Head Instructor

Chanise ‘Sossegada’ Love — Club VP

Gabe ‘Madeira’ Hessenthaler — Club President

Joseph ‘Cachorro’ Bielecki Thomas ‘Colega’ Selby-Jones Kevin ‘Forca’ Hendrickson

This event is FREE.


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